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Fragrance for your Soul
The Perfume Lounge

Created by a reputed, experienced third generation perfumery family, The Perfume Lounge is a boutique perfumery passionate about creating well-crafted unique fragrances.

Our master perfumers combine the age old art of perfuming and the health standards set by International Fragrance Association of Switzerland, using the highest quality of raw materials.

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IFRA Certification

Our Fragrances are regulated under the IFRA Code of Practice, impeding the sensitizing ingredients, concentration or proportions for all skin types.

Accords & Notes

Fragrances & scents are curated & assorted with pronounced expertise that breeds through three generations of perfumery evolution over decades of expertise.

Traditional Distillation

Reviving the traditional distillation technique that seizes the aromatic compounds from the accords delivering authentic & sterling produce of essence.

Lab Testing

Every product is designed with care and passes through a rigorous laboratory test. Our perfumes belong to “Eau de Parfum” (EDP) family of perfumes which has 15-20% concentration of aroma.

Prepare to embark on a sensory journey bursting with aroma therapeutic benefits.

Our carefully selected collections :

Moksh, Myrah and Melange include a range of timeless classics and unique fusions.
Born from our global experience and scent aesthetics, just subtle splashes of our fine fragrances elicit feelings of joy, confidence, and romance.